I’m supposed to write something here to keep you interested in me and my website, right? hmmm, well….

How about I just share a couple pictures of one of my many hobbies, vintage Japanese motorcycles. I am particularly fond of the single-cylinder Yamaha, also known as a Thumper.

In 2016, I bought a 1978 Yamaha SR500 which happens to be one of the biggest single cylinder motorcycles available that year. I bought it with the intentions of customizing it and thus far, Its been a tough task. In the end, My biggest inspiration is to have it finished as a Bratstyle motorcycle which is very popular in the Japanese custom motorcycle scene, currently.

For the most part the bike is stock. I did switch the bars for some Speedster bars and installed a smaller headlight that I found at the Swap-meet. It’s about 2 inches smaller than the stock headlight. Although I was excited to accomplish this part of the build, Its not quite right, yet. I think I will lower the light about 2 inches down to create a much cleaner look in the front.

More Updates to come in the near future

yamaha sr500
yamaha sr500