This is 40!

With her royal majesty, Harley Quinn

With her royal majesty, Harley Quinn

Here I am, A 40-year-old Christian Mejia! I'm not sure that I can get used to saying that just yet, "I'm 40". It sounds weird to me, but, I'm ready to embrace this next decade of life.

A couple of weeks ago, my god-daughterJaleh and her husband Rocky offered to take photos of me to commemorate this milestone. Even though I tend to take the occasional selfie, I find being in front of the camera nerve-wracking and in most cases I go for the silly pose to mask my discomfort. This time was no different, but I managed to compose myself and I love the results!!! Harley Quinn in the photos was a must. Lots of cheese was used to get her to pop her ears up for the photo. 🐼

Rocky and Jaleh are an amazing photography duo who I'd recommend highly. Thank you for the photos! If anyone wants an autographed version of this, I gotchu! 😋

It’s my birthday and all old man jokes are encouraged! Bring it on, youngsters!!!

peace and love,

Old Man Mejia