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If This Then That... That's Easy!


If I post a new story on my blog, Then Buffer will take that story and post it wherever I choose!

...In my case, It'll post to my Google + page and to my Twitter feed. That's easy!

I discovered IFTTT by accident when my cousin gave me a Flic Smart Button for Christmas. She explained that it was great for taking photos without having to hold your phone. She was right, It is great for taking photos, BUT it's also great for finding your phone when you lose it in your home, for playing your favorite Spotify playlist from across the room OR getting out of a bad date! Not that I have tried that feature 😂.

Being an app junky, I was curious for more information on the app. I went online to search for the many ways people use their Flic button; I then came across the IFTTT website. IFTTT uses 'If THIS then That' recipes to create its functions. It's pretty straightforward once you see all the different channels that are available for these recipes. After reading more about the service, to make sure it didn't compromise my online security, I set-up my account and started testing it out.

As a freelance Webdesigner, I look for ways to streamline productivity for my clients and I wholly recommend the use of IFTTT for their business. It not only works for posting to your Social Network accounts, but you can create recipes to work with your home electronics, home security, your calendar, email, online cloud accounts and more! It's really fun to use too.

This post will be the first time I use the RSS and Buffer channels from my website, (I had to create a FREE Buffer account first). HERE WE GO!!!

Get IFTTT and thank me later!